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Urata beach

Urata beach, Nishinoomote, Tanegashima island

Urata beach is a unspoiled beach located in northern Tanegashima island, which is one of the islands lying south of Kyushu island. Tanegashima belongs to Kagoshima prefecture, which is the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu.

Urata beach is one of the 88 Best beaches in Japan. It has shiny sandy beach next to an inlet of Pacific ocean. The water also has a high transparency. Not only for swimming, but also suitable place for fishing and scuba diving. There is also a camp site too.

How to get to Urata beach? Better hire a car at Nishinoomote port or at Tanegashima airport due to Tanegashima has poor public transportation network. Then, it is approximately 12 km away from downtown Nishinoomote, the most populous city on the island. If you want to spend at least half day at the beach, rental bicycle is another option to choose.

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