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Ueda station

Ueda station, Ueda, Nagano prefecture.

Ueda station is the main station of Ueda, Nagano prefecture. Ueda is the third largest city by population in the prefecture, 150 thousand inhabitants. Ueda is a home of Sanada clan, a famous samurai warriors in 16th century.

Ueda station is served by three railway companies. It is one of the few stations located out of metropolitan area to serve three or more railway companies. Three companies are JR East, Shinano Railway and Ueda Electric Railway(Ueda Dentetsu).

JR East's Hokuriku Shinkansen trains call at this station. However, only Hakutaka and Asama trains. The fastest one, Kagayaki does not stop at Ueda. From Tokyo to Ueda takes approximately one and a half hour.

Shinano Railway operates Shinano line which was a part of JR East's Shin'Etsu Main line till September 1997 when Nagano Shinkansen(current Hokuriku Shinkansen was commenced). Shinano Railway is a third sector company, most of the stocks are owned by Nagano prefecture. If you took Hokuriku Shinkansen to Ueda and want to continue by Shinano line, please be aware that Japan Rail Pass is not valid on Shinano line.

Ueda Electric Railway operates Bessho line, and it connects Ueda and Bessho onsen hot spring. Ueda Electric Railway is a private railway company and it is 100% owned by Ueda Kotsu which is a subsidiary of giant private railway company, Tokyu Corporation.

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