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Tokyo tower

Tokyo tower in the evening

Tokyo tower is the second tallest structure in Japan after Tokyo Skytree tower and it was the tallest freestanding tower in Japan till 2012. It is officially called Japan Radio Tower(Nippon denpa-to) which is hardly known to public.

Tokyo tower was built in 1958 and it was the main radio tower for Greater Tokyo metropolitan area. It is 333 meters tall and there are two observatory decks. The main observatory is located 120 meters above ground and top observatory is located 223.5 meters above ground. Admissions to the observatories are the main income of the tower and it is a popular place for school trips. Annual visitors are approximately 3 million.

Although the function for radio tower has moved to Skytree tower, Tokyo tower still used by two radio stations. Also used as a backup for TV transmitting station in case Skytree tower has a problem.

There are four metro stations nearby but Akabanebashi station on Toei Oedo line is the nearest one.

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