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Sea urchin

Probably one of the seafoods which you will taste first time in your life is sea urchin. Actually what does urchin means? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, urchin means a mischievous and often poor and raggedly clothed youngster. Anyway, you will hardly ever face this origin word in your lifetime!

Sea urchin is a spiny, globular marine animal and it is one of the luxury seafoods in Japan. The gonads of both male and female sea urchins, usually called sea urchin roe or corals are eaten in Japan, mostly in raw. Especially as gunkanmaki style sushi or kaisen-don; seafood bowl.

Sea urchin is called UNI in Japanese and Japanese hardly understand English name sea urchin. Therefore it is better to use Japanese name uni rather than asking in English to staffs.

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