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Pond loach

Pond loach with egg and burdock

Pond loach(泥鰌 or ドジョウ) is a freshwater in the loach family. It is sometime called as weather loach and found throughout Japan especially in rice fields. It has rich nutrition value.

Pond loach is eaten mostly either Yanagawa-nabe or Dojo-nabe. Dojo-nabe is a hot pot with pond loaches and Yanagawa-nabe is dojo-nabe with egg and burdock; root vegetable which mostly only by Japanese.

These two dishes are traditional dishes of Tokyo and usually offered by restaurants specialized in pond loach or freshwater fish. Due to it is hard to find at supermarket, it is quite rare to cook at home. Therefore, if you see a menu including pond loach, do not miss the chance.

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