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Package of Baby Poeme

Poeme(and Baby Poeme) is a local confection of Ehime prefecture sold by Poeme co. and Poeme Honpo co. Poeme Honpo has its headquarter in Imabari, Ehime prefecture but Poeme has its headquarter and factory in To-on, Ehime(it used to have in prefectural capital Matsuyama). Poeme Honpo’s Matsuyama store which opened in 1953 became independent company in 1956.

Poeme was sold since 1946 but got huge success in 1955 and it is a Japanese confection adapted to western style, using butter and eggs. The two companies have similar package but nutritions are slightly different which means the tastes are different. Both companies operate own stores in Ehime prefecture.

Poeme co. also operates Poeme Sweets Park in To-on which visitors can watch the manufacturing of the products and also buy those products.

Poeme can be bought throughout Ehime prefectures also in supermarkets but each supermarket sells one of the companies’ product which means you cannot buy both Poeme’s and Poeme Honpo’s Poeme at same store.

Poeme is a round shape but Baby Poeme is a rectangular shape.

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