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Three kinds of American parfait at Cafe Olympic in Nagasaki.

If you enter a cafe and want something sweet to eat, parfait(American parfait) will be one of your choices. Then, not only cafe but also family restaurant offers parfait. Usually those parfaits offered at family restaurants are seasonal ones, which you have to check the additional menu card especially for desserts.

Parfaits in Japan are not always served in tall clear glasses. Some of parfaits are served in a lower wide glasses, sometimes not even clear one. Then, many places offer several types of parfait. Chocolate and strawberry parfaits are the classic types but also there are matcha and pudding parfaits too.

Many cafes which offer parfaits have their own signature parfaits. Sometimes it has a unique name such as Emma(god who judge the death = Yama). Anyway, better check what is included in the parfait before you order it.

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