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Mabo-don is another adaptation of Chinese cuisine in Japan. Mabo-don is a Mapo tofu on rice. Mapo tofu is originally from Chinese Sichuan province, consisting tofu bean curd and minced meat. Mapo tofu is one of the spicy dishes in China and also in Japan.

In Japan, Mapo tofu is called as Mabo dofu. Don means "donburi" which means a large rice bowl. Therefore if the dish does not come in donburi, it is not don. For example, grilled eel on rice can be Una-don if it is in a donburi, or Una-ju if it is in a jubako; Japanese tiered box. If the mapo tofu is on rice comes in a soup plate, it is called as Mabo-han in Nagoya area.

Mabo-don is considered as fast food in Japan. Therefore Chinese restaurants in Japan usually do not offer it on their normal menus. Therefore Mabo-don is usually offered as lunch menu or at diners where most of their customers come alone.

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