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Kyoto - Part 2

Kodaiji temple, Kyoto

City of Kyoto in facts:

1) There are professional football and basketball teams in Kyoto but no professional baseball team.

2) No airport. Nearest airport is Osaka international airport(usually called Itami airport - ITM). However, Itami airport does not have any regular international route. Nearest international airport is Kansai international airport - KIX.

3) Academic city. There are more than 40 universities and colleges located in the city, including 4 national and 3 public universities. The most famous one is Kyoto university, the second oldest university in Japan after Tokyo university.

4) 9 sister cities. 9 cities outside of Japan has sister city agreements with Kyoto, including Paris, Florence and Prague

5) Japanese crafts. 74 items are listed as Japanese crafts including Nishijin-ori textile.

6) A target for a-bomb. US army listed Kyoto as the first target for the world's first atomic bomb. However, it was rejected later and eventually the first a-bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.

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