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Kotohira-gu shrine

Ichinosaka Tori gate and steps leading to Kotohira-gu main shrine, Kotohira town, Kagawa prefecture

Kotohira-gu, commonly known as Kompira-san is definitely the most famous shrine not only in Kagawa prefecture but entire Shikoku. Since the middle of 19th century, the main worshippers are engaged in maritime business or activities, such as sailors, fishermen and navy soldiers.

Kotohira-gu is located on the middle of Mt. Zozu in town of Kotohira. Although Kotohira is less than 9000 inhabitants, it is one of the municipalities in Japan which developed with famous shrines.

One of the important fact of Kotohira-gu is that it is not easy to reach the main shrine. You have to climb up 785 steps to reach the main shrine and another 583 steps to reach the inner shrine. However, you can enjoy the magnificent view from the shrine.

Kotohira-gu can be reached by on foot from either JR Kotohira station or Kotoden 's Kotohira station. JR Kotohira station is on JR Dosan line but there is a through train from Yosan line from Takamatsu and night train Sunrise Seto continues to Kotohira on certain seasonal period. Please note most trains from Tadotsu, the transfer station for Yosan and Dosan lines terminates at Kotohira. Therefore if you are coming from Awa-Ikeda or Kochi, take limited express Nampu. Kotoden is a private electric railway company in Kagawa prefecture officially called Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad. There are direct trains from Takamatsu Chikko station.

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