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Korean cuisine

Korean seafood pancake

Although you can have a opportunity to try Korean cuisine in your hometown in Europe, Korean cuisine is much familiar to Japanese than to European.

Many Chinese restaurants are run by Japanese who have never studied Chinese cuisine in China, but many Korean restaurants are run by either native Korean or Korean born in Japan. Therefore the taste of Korean dishes are much similar to Korean dishes in Korea rather than Chinese dishes in Japan and in China. Another difference is that Chinese restaurants can be high class luxury restaurant which a course costa more that JPY 10000 per person or local diner which cost JPY 500 per dish. On the other hand, Korean restaurants do not have wide price range as like Chinese restaurant.

However, till 20th century, Japanese considered Korean cuisine as Korean BBQ. Now you can try much more variations of Korean dishes in Japan. Therefore it is good choice if you try Korean cuisine when you encounter a Korean restaurant in Japan.

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