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Kamaage udon

Kamaage udon, family type at Marugame seimen.

Kamaage udon is one of the styles of udon noodle. Ordinary udon is eaten from a bowl with a soy sauce based soup but Kamaage is placed in a tub, wooden or lacquerware one which is soaked in a hot water which is usually is the one used to cook the udon noodles.

Usually udon is boiled and then washed by running water to remove the sliminess but Kamaage is not washed by the running water. It is very common style of Sanuki udon eaten in Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku.

Due to no soup or flavor itself, the udon is dipped into a soy sauce based sauce as similar as cold udon but the sauce is not cold as for cold udon sauce.

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