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Kakinoha sushi

Nara/Wakayama style kakinoha-sushi

If you see or hear a word sushi, you probably will imagine nigiri-sushi. Nigiri-sushi is definitely the popular sushi in the world but there are also sushi which are not nigir-sushi. One of them is Kakinoha-sushi(柿の葉寿司)。

What is Kakinoha-sushi? Kakinoha-sushi is a local specialty of Nara/Wakayama prefectures, Kaga region of Ishikawa prefecture and Chizu region of Tottori prefecture but not all the same. One thing which fits to all three types is that leaves of persimmon(kaki) are used. Then, especially Nara/Wakayama type is familiar to Japanese.

Nigiri sushi using salted mackerel and salmon are wrapped with persimmon leaves. The leaves are removed when eating. Due to wrapped for a certain period, it has a peculiar scent. Then, it is told that the persimmon leaves have bactericidal effect to keep the sushi available to eat longer without persimmon leaves. It is a wisdom of people living in landlocked areas.

Kakinoha-sushi can be bought as take away at major stations in Nara and Wakayama prefectures and also at Kyoto and Shin-Osaka stations.

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