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Iyanokazura bridge

Iyanokazura bridge and Iya valley

One of the popular tourist destinations in Tokushima prefecture on Shikoku island is Iyanokazura bridge, locally called as Kazura bridge due to Iyano literally Iya's in Japanese. Iya is a region in western Tokushima.

Kazura bridge is a simple suspension bridge only for pedestrian, built by woods and 5 tons of hardy kiwi vines(kazura) located above Iya river. It is two meters wide, 45 meters long and 14 meters above the Iya valley.

There is a toll(JPY 550) to cross the bridge. The toll gate is located on the west bank of Iya river and all pedestrians must cross from the west side. Kazura bridge is one of the three Japan's most unique bridges along with Kintai bridge and Saru-hashi bridge. The nearest station is Oboke station on JR Dosan line. The bridge can be crossed during daytime(from sunrise to sunset).

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