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Fukuoka castle

Tamon turret of Fukuoka castle

Fukuoka castle was a castle built in Edo era by feudal lord Nagamasa Kuroda.

It is located in Fukuoka, the most populous city in Kyushu. The castle was residence of Kuroda clan, which ruled Chikuzen province, a part of current Fukuoka prefecture.

Most of the parts of the castle was dismantled in late 19th century but city of Fukuoka is planning to rebuild the castle which will take 20 - 30 years to complete the project.

The ruins of the castle is listed as the national historic site and there are two parks, Maiduru park and Ohori park which are open to public.

Fukuoka castle ruins can be reached by on foot from Ohori park station of Fukuoka municipal subway Kuko line.

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