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Fuji soba

Curry soba with cuttlefish tempura

Fuji soba is probably a largest soba noodle diner’s chain in Japan owned but Daitan group but the diners are located only in Tokyo metropolitan area; Tokyo metropolis, Kanazawa, Chiba and Saitama prefectures.

Fuji soba is categorized as Japanese fast food chain which diners are located near to stations at commercial and business districts rather than residential areas. Customers used to eat while standing due to there was no chairs to sit down but now nearly all diners are equipped with chairs and tables.

Customers must buy meal tickets from the ticket vending machines first and pass the meal tickets to the staffs at the counter. Staff will call the name of the meal when the meal was prepared. Before 2020, customers kept the half of the their tickets as proofs and the staffs called the numbers mentioned on the tickets when the meals were ready.

When your meal is called, go to the counter and pick up the meal. You also have to pick up your chop sticks which are located on other place. Cold water is provided as self service. When you finished eating your meal, please return the used tray, bowl, dish, chop sticks and glass to the designated place.

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