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Crepe with red bean paste and whipped cream by Marion Crepe

Although crepe is a French specialty, it is popular in Japan too. However, there are several differences.

The first is how to eat it. Mostly crepe is eaten with fork and knife in Europe but it is recognized as a street food in Japan, hardly anyone using fork and knife. The second difference is the shape. Due to eaten directly to the mouth, it is wrapped and placed into a paper. Although savory crepe also exists but sweet crepe is much popular than the savory one. There is also ice crepe which is a totally frozen food including ice cream.

It is told that crepe first appeared in Japan in 1977, sold at Takeshita street at Harajuku district in Tokyo. Takeshita street is a extremely popular shopping street, especially for young female teenagers. Takeshita street means Harajuku and Harajuku means Takeshita street.

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