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Choshi Port Tower

Choshi Port Tower, Choshi, Chiba prefecture

Choshi Port Tower is 57.7 meters tall located in Choshi, Chiba prefecture. It is one of the complexes of marine product port center together with Wosse 21 which is a fish market.

The tower was opened in June 1991 and it is the one of the 20 members of All-Japan Tower Association. The tower has 4 floors and the observatory is located on the top, the 3rd floor(if you count as ground, 1st, 2nd and 3rd). From the observatory, you can see the Pacific ocean and busiest fishing port in Japan, Choshi port.

Towers can be divided into two groups. The first type is mainly for telecommunication or broadcasting. Then, the second type is for observatory. Choshi Port tower belongs to the second type. Although first type has observatories, this type is not common in Japan as like in Europe.

Choshi Port Tower can be reached by local buses operated by Chiba Kotsu. Take a bus from bus stop no.4 located in front of JR Choshi station and get off at the final stop, Port center.

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