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Chicken namban

Local specialty of Miyazaki, Chicken namban

One of the prefectures in Kyushu, Miyazaki produces one of the best free-range chicken meat in Japan. Then, one of its local specialties is chicken namban.

Chicken namban was born in Nobeoka, the second largest city in Miyazaki, border north by Oita prefecture. Chicken breast or thigh is covered by flour which is covered by egg and deep fried. Then, the fried chicken will be dipped into sweet and sour sauce called Namban vinegar(sugar, soy sauce and vinegar). Finally it is eaten together with tartar sauce.

Chicken namban was able to eat only in Miyazaki or at Miyazaki cuisine restaurants outside of Miyazaki before but now can be found in ordinary diners and also as bento box.

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