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Giant chawanmushi(right) and mushi-sushi(left) at Yosso restaurant, Nagasaki

Chawanmushi is a Japanese savory egg custard which is steamed. It mostly contains lily bulb, ginkgo seeds, shiitake mushroom, chicken, fish cakes and shrimps. Homemade chawanmushi is possible to cook but recently many Japanese buy already made chawanmushi at supermarket due to cooking chawanmushi is not so simple to avoid making pores.

Chawanmushi is usually not eaten as main dish as like tempura or sashimi but it often comes together when you ordered combo meal; teishoku. Then, you can also order it at

conveyor belt sushi as an appetizer. It is usually eaten as warm dish but cold chawanmushi also can be found especially in summer.

Due to combination, meat must be chicken. You will never find chawanmushi with pork or beef. Therefore it is a friendly food for Muslim people or people who eat only chicken.

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