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CalorieMate, block type, Cheese flavor

CalorieMate is a brand of energy bar and energy gel manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. also owns nationwide known sports drink, Pocari Sweat.

CalorieMate debuted in 1983 with a cheese flavor bar(block) and milk flavor can. At that moment, cheese flavor was unique in Japan. The shape of the bar is similar to Scottish shortbread. The line ups are now block, gel, and liquid types.

The block type now has 5 flavors; cheese, fruits, chocolate, maple and plain. Although each flavor has own color, the flavor is not written on the front size of the box. Therefore you need to check the back side of the box too. One bar of the block type is 100kcal. Regular type comes with 4 bars.

CalorieMate is a good choice when you are going for hiking or trekking. Also ideal to sneak inside your backpack when you are going for a day trip.

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