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Nezu shrine

Nezu shrine

Nezu shrine is located in Bunkyo ward in Tokyo. The shrine is told that it was built approximately 1900 years ago by the legendary prince, Yamato Takeru. It is one of the Tokyo Jishha; Ten shrines in Tokyo. It is also famous for azalea which bloom in April-May.

It is a great sample of Gongen-zukuri; a complex Shinto shrine structure in which haiden(worship hall) and honden(main sanctuary) is interconnected under the same roof in the shape of an H. Then, between the haiden and honden, there is a Ishi-no-ma, a passage.

Due to Bunkyo ward is relatively quiet residential area with many academic buildings are located, many famous Japanese novelists including Soseki Natsume and Ogai Mori lived nearby the shrine.

Nezu shrine can be reached by Tokyo metro Chiyoda line's Nezu or Sendagi stations, Namboku line's Todai-mae station or Toei metro Mita line's Hakusan stations.

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