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Mukogawa river in Takarazuka

Takarazuka is a city located in south east of Hyogo prefecture. The population is 225 thousand and it is one of the commuter towns of Osaka. Due to its location, much more people commute to Osaka than to prefectural capital of Hyogo, Kobe.

There are two onsen, hot springs located in the city. Takarazuka onsen and Takedao onsen. Although these two hot springs are close to Osaka, they are not well known to Japanese, especially out of Kansai region. Especially people outside of Kansai area will head to Arima onsen in Kobe, which are more hotels are located.

Nevertheless, Takarazuka is well known to Japanese, thanks to Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female musical troupe based in Takarazuka. Then, most famous landmark of the city is definitely Takarazuka Grand Theater which is the home of the Takarazuka Revue.

Therefore, if you say a word Takarazuka, most of the Japanese will consider as the musical troupe, rather than the city. However, the city is not named after from the troupe. The troupe was named after from the city.

Takarazuka city has a good access from Osaka. There are three railway lines running in the city. JR Fukuchiyama line, Hankyu Takarazuka Main line and Hankyu Imazu line. If you are Japan Rail Pass holder, take a direct train from Osaka station or change at Amagasaki station from JR Kobe line. Non-Japan Rail Pass holder can take direct train from Hankyu Osaka Umeda station. From Kobe, take Hankyu Kobe main line to Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi station and change to Imazu line. JR Takarazuka and Hankyu Takarazuka stations are nearby.

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