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Kushida shrine

Kushida shrine in Fukuoka

Kushida shrine is located in Hakata ward, Fukuoka. This shrine is probably the most famous shrine in Fukuoka city. One of the three major festivals of Fukuoka, Hakata Gion Yamakasa is an official event of Kushida shrine. Hakata Dontaku, whjch is the one of the three major festivals is organized by the city of Fukuoka but the festival starts from Kushida shrine.

Dontaku takes place on 03 and 04 May and Yamakasa in the beginning of July. There is also Hakata Okunchi, a festival held by Kushida shrine which takes place in 23 and 24 October.

The floats of the Yamakasa festival are available to see at the shrine anytime. Then, there are many weddings at the shrine, especially on weekends. The ceremony takes place at the main shrine which families and relatives of the broom and the bride can enter, but you can watch the ceremony from outside.

From Hakata station; the main station of Fukuoka, take Fukuoka municipal subway Kuko line to Gion station.

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