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Tokyo metropolis

Tokyo metropolis and Mt.Fuji

Tokyo metropolis is one of the 47 prefectures in Japan and it is the current capital of Japan since 1867. Before 1867, the capital was Kyoto and emperors lived in Kyoto. Greater Tokyo area is considered as the most populous metropolitan area in the world, which population is more than 37 million inhabitants.

Not only as political capital, Tokyo serves as the global cultural and business centers in Japan. There is one of the global stock markets, Tokyo Stock Exchange and there are many head offices of global companies. Tokyo metropolis can be divided into to three regions. The first one is 23 special wards, which status is similar to ordinary cities. Each ward has its own mayor and assembly. The second region is Tama district, which is located west of 23 special wards. Tama district is made by cities, towns and 1 village. Most of the residents commute to 23 special wards. The last region is islands in the Pacific. The islands can be also divided into 2 regions, Izu islands and Ogasawara; which includes Bonin islands, Volcano islands and three remote islands. These remote islands include Minami-tori island which is the most eastern point of Japan and Okino-tori island which the most southern point of Japan.

9 of the Izu islands are inhabited and the largest island is Izu Oshima which is the most populous island too but Hachijo island also has similar population. The only inhabited settlement in Ogasawara is Ogasawara village which covers the Minami-tori and Okino-tori islands but there are only two inhabited islands; Chichi-jima and Haha-jima.

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