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Tanuki tofu at Marumasuya

Tofu is now eaten around the globe, and easy to get at ordinary supermarket too. Tofu, which is made from soy bean is rich of protein and considered as healthy food.

Foreigners know tofu but I assume that they do not know that there are two basic types of tofu in Japan. The first type is KINU and the second type is MOMEN. These two types use same ingredients, soy milk and coagulant - magnesium chloride or nigari but the procedures to make the tofu is different. Kinu is a soft tofu and Momen is a firm one.

Kinu and momen both have to be put into a box to complete the procedure but box of the momen tofu has holes in the bottom of the box and also a piece of cloth has to be between the box and the soy milk including nigari, then you have to put a weight on the top to drain it.

Usually kinu type is eaten as raw or miso soup and momen type is more eaten as cooked tofu. However, it depends on person which to prefer, soft tofu or hard tofu. Hard tofu, momen type is easy to pick up by chopsticks. By the way, not like in Europe, there is no flavored tofu sold at supermarkets in Japan.

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