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Inside the cabin of JAL aircraft

Japan Airlines; JAL is one of the two major airlines in Japan, together with ANA. JAL used to operate international routes and major domestic routes till middle of 80s, when ANA operated just domestic routes. Japanese government allowed ANA to operate international routes in late 80s. Anyway, JAL was considered as the flag carrier of Japan until its bankruptcy in 2010.

Many international routes were terminated upon bankruptcy but gradually increasing the international routes recently. JAL is a member of One World, and therefore new destinations would be other One World members' hubs. Passengers on international flights are increasing thanks to visitors to Japan is increasing.

International routes between Japan and Europe used to be mostly Japanese passengers, whom are traveling to Europe on holiday or business trips but the ratio of Japanese passengers are recently decreasing.

Japanese airlines had long tradition not to use Airbus aircraft but JAL has signed a contract with Airbus to introduce Airbus A350 to their fleets, which JAL will be the first Japanese customer to buy Airbus's aircraft.

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