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Chicken wings

Nagoya style Chicken wings

Japanese love chicken wings may be more than Europeans. Not only grilled or deep fried, but also stewed chicken wings are eaten in Japan. However, deep fried is the most common way to cook chicken wings.

The fourth largest city in Japan, Nagoya is famous for deep fried chicken wings. Nagoya style chicken wings are first deep fried with potato starch, similar as Japanese style fried chicken; karaage. However, not like karaage, Nagoya style will be put into a pan with a sauce including several seasonings.

Nagoya style chicken wing is one of the local specialties of Nagoya, and may be the most known outside of Nagoya. Furaibo is told that the first diner or izakaya style pub to offer the Nagoya style chicken wing. Furaibo and other izakaya started in Nagoya have their franchise pubs outside of Nagoya, even in abroad and it is quite easy to try the Nagoya style chicken wings in Tokyo or Osaka too.

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