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A view from the Senkoji temple park

Onomichi is a city located in Bingo region of Hiroshima prefecture. The population is around 130 thousand and the residential and industrial areas are located along the Onomichi channel of the Seto inland sea. There is only 200-300 meters between the mainland and Mukaishima island which is the home of Mukaishima Dock Yard Co.

Onomichi is well known tourist destination among Japanese in Hiroshima prefecture. Although biggest city in Bingo region is now Fukuyama city, Onomichi attracts much more tourists than to Fukuyama. The most famous tourist attraction is Senkoji temple and park. There is an aerial tram connecting the Senkoji park and the bottom of the hill.

Onomichi is also a gateway for Shimanami kaido, the expressway connecting Honshu and Shikoku. It is the one of the famous cycle routes, approximately 70 km long. Therefore you can rent a bicycle at Onomichi and enjoy the cycling till Imabari, Ehime prefecture located in Shikoku.

There is a Shinkansen station named Shin-Onomichi in the north of the city, but it is better to use Onomichi station on JR Sanyo main line which is closer to the downtown. From Kyoto or Osaka, take Sanyo Shinkansen to Fukuyama station and change to Sanyo main line train. From Hiroshima, better to take Sanyo Shinkansen to Mihara station and change to Sanyo main line train.

Also do not forget to try the Onomichi ramen noodle, which is the one of the best in western Honshu.

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