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Port of Numazu

Numazu is a city located in eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture. Shizuoka is a prefecture which includes three former provinces; Izu, Suruga and Tohtomi. and Numazu used to belong to Suruga before the establishment of Izu province.

The population is about 190000, the largest city in the former Izu province region of Shizuoka prefecture. Therefore there are many government and prefectural offices in the city. On the other hand, the population is decreasing slightly each year.

One of the main industries is fishing and dried fish products are well known. Also, one of the best places to eat sushi, thanks to fresh fish are caught daily in Suruga bay, which Numazu is faced to. There is Heda hot spring located in the southern part of the city. Also sand spit, Cape Mihama has a nice beach.

The market area of Numazu itself is quite huge, roughly 1 million inhabitants but unfortunately there is no Shinkansen station in the city. If you are traveling from Tokyo, take Tokaido Shinkansen to Mishima and change to JR Tokaido line.

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