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Sukiyaki is a type of Japanese hot pot and probably one of the famous Japanese cuisines after sushi. Then, it must be eaten with raw egg!

Not like other hot pot dishes which use pork, chicken or seafood, sukiyaki must be beef. The beef must be cut in thin slices with other ingredients such as tofu, konjak noodle, spring onion, shitake mushroom and Chinese cabbage. Also the pot should be iron or casting iron, not earthenware pot or stainless one.

Also the tofu should be Yaki-tofu, grilled tofu instead of ordinary raw tofu. Grilled tofu is not grilled at home before making sukiyaki but it can be bought any supermarket in Japan.

The preparation or cooking of sukiyaki is different in Tokyo(Kanto region) and in Osaka(Kansai region). Both use sugar, soy sauce and sake as seasonings but Tokyo or Kanto style mix the seasonings in advance and put them into the iron pot first and the put the meat, vegetables and tofu later. On the other hand, Osaka or Kansai style puts the meat first and then the seasonings on the meat. Actually sukiyaki's yaki means grill or pan fry, therefore Kansai style should be the proper one. No matter the style is, meat and other ingredients must be dipped into the beaten raw egg before you put into your mouth.

Then, when making the Kansai style sukiyaki, you have to use tallow instead of normal oil or butter. Usually tallow are given at supermarket for free of charge.

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