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MInato-mirai district of Yokohama

Although it is a popular destination for Japanese living in Greater Tokyo metropolitan area, I assume Yokohama is not so visited by foreign tourists. Yokohama, the second populated city in Japan after Tokyo, has more inhabitants than Osaka and Nagoya.

Yokohama had 1.5 million inhabitants in 1950 and the population reached 2 million in 1968 and reached 3 million in 1985, which means it doubled the population within 35 years. currently has 3.7 million inhabitants, 1 million more than Osaka.

However, due to locality, many people commute to Tokyo everyday for work and school, and Yokohama is considered as one of the cities which make up the Greater Tokyo metropolitan area. Yokohama has the biggest Chinatown in Japan and due to historical importance of the port facility, bay area called Minato-mirai district attracts the tourists.

Then, due to there was a large foreign settlement in Yokohama, Yokohama is still recognized as a cool place to feel foreign culture. Also the tallest building in Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area, Landmark tower is also located in Minato-mirai district.

Minato-mirai district can be visited by JR Negishi line, which is known as JR Kehin-Tohoku line. The nearest stations is Sakuragicho. If you are traveling by Tokaido Shinkansen, change to Yokohama line at Shin-Yokohama station.

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