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Statue of Hachiko at Shibuya station

Probably the most famous meeting point in Japan is at the statue of Hachiko. Hachiko was a Akita dog lived near Shibuya station which waited his owner everyday for nearly 10 years.

His owner was the professor of Tokyo Imperial Univeresity, Hidesaburo Ueno who teached agricultural engineering. Professor Ueno suddenly passed away after a year after Hachiko was brought to Ueno's house. Even after the death of Ueno, Hachiko waited for his return from the university each afternoon at Shibuya station.

The statue of Hachiko was built nine years after Ueno's death, still Hachiko was alive in 1934, but Hachiko dies in 1935. The statue faces a critical issue in 1941 when the government announced an new law, metal collection act. The act was announced due to World War II and Japan was facing a lack of metals to built military weapons. The act was to collect the metals used at home or other places which are not related to military activities and the statue of Hachiko should be melted and the melted metal should be used for making weapons. In 1944, the statue was removed but stored at other place due to huge protest by the supporters who wanted to keep the statue.

Unfortunately the statue was eventually melted on the day before surrender, 14 August 1945 and the melted metal was used as a part of a locomotive. The current statue was built in 1948 by the son of the original sculptor.

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