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Unagi pie

Unagi Pie

Unagi pie is a confection sold by Shunkado Co. which is based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. It is one of the most famous local confections sold in Japan. This snack is made from ingredients including eel powder and garlic, but you almost do not taste them. Unagi is eel in Japanese and Hamanako lake in Shizuoka is famous for eel farming.

Unagi pie is called as a snack for nights, due to Shunkado considers garlic as a "night seasoning" and the company wishes the family to eat the Unagi pie together at home in the evening. However, many Japanese do not trust this reason and think consuming Unagi pie makes men stronger in bed.

Stores at Nagoya station stopped selling Unagi pie few years ago but due to strong request from Shunkado and the customers, they start selling again in few months. It is believed that Unagi pie sold a lot per day at Nagoya station even though Unagi pie is not a local product of neither Nagoya nor AIchi prefecture. Therefore JR wanted the customers to buy the other local products but eventually noticed that their turnover decreased when they stopped selling Unagi pie.

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