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Bitchu-Matsuyama castle

Bitchu-Matsuyama castle

Bitchu-Matsuyama castle is located in Takahashi, Okayama prefecture. Official name is Matsuyama castle and sometimes called also Takahashi castle due to its location. It is normally called Bitchu-Matsuyama castle due to avoid mixing up with different castle which is called Matsuyama castle - the one located in Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture.

The castle is one of the Japan's Top 100 castles - Nihon no Hyaku-meijo and it is on the top of Mt. Gyagyu, which makes the castle as the highest located castle with existing Tenshu.

Most of the tourists which visit Takahashi city in winter do not expect to visit the castle but looking forward to see the castle itself but anticipate to see the castle floating on the sea of clouds. The sea of clouds can be expected to be happen in the early morning between end of September and the beginning of April, especially between end of October and beginning of December.

The nearest station for Bitchu-Matsuyama castle is Bitchu-Takahashi, which limited express Yakumo and limited express night train - Sunrize Izumo call. City of Takahashi offers reasonable fixed taxi ride from the station to the view point of the castle and back in the morning.

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