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Cream anmitsu at Denny's

Anmitsu is a Japanese confection which was invented in early 20th century. It contains small cubes of agar jelly made from red algae, dried apricot, gyuhi(soft sweeten mochi), peas(boiled and then cooled) and anko(red bean paste). Anmitsu always comes with a small pot of sweet black syrup which you pour onto the jelly.

If it is without anko, it is called mitsumame, which was invented before anmitsu and if it includes various fruits, it is called fruits anmitsu. Then, if Ice cream is included, it is finally called cream anmitsu. The name comes from the combination of An of anko(red bean paste) and Mitsu = sweet syrup.

Anmitsu is much more common now in Japan which you can find not only at traditional Japanese tea room which offer confections but also at casual restaurant chains and cafes.

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