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Tokyo Skytree


Tokyo Skytree is located in Sumida ward, not so far from Asakusa district in Tokyo.

It is 634 meters high and not only tallest tower in Japan but it is the tallest tower on earth. Then it is second tallest building on earth.

Tokyo Skytree is a radio mast/tower and transmitter station of Greater Tokyo metropolitan area, covering around 14 million households. All 8 TV stations and 5 FM radio stations in Tokyo use Tokyo Skytree to transmit their signals.

There are two observation decks at Tokyo Skytree, the first one is located between 340-350 meters level and the second observation deck is located on the 445-450 meters level. Then you need to pay the supplement to reach the second deck.

Tokyo Skytree is adjacent to Tobu railway's Tokyo Skytree station and close to Oshiage station which metro Hanzomon and Asakusa lines are running.

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