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Instant noodle

Nissin's Chicken ramen

World commercially succeeded Instant noodle was invented in Japan by a Taiwan born owner of Japanese company called Nissin in 1958. The instant noodle was called Chicken ramen which you have to put the dried noodle in a bowl and pour boiling water on it and wait for 3 minutes.

Later Nissin released Cup Noodle in 1971, this was a great invention that you do not need any bowl at all. The noodle is already inside a form food container. Cup Noodle became a big hit in 1972 when the sieze happened in Nagano prefecture, when Japan's United Red Army took hostage at Asama-sanso, mountain lodge close to Mt.Asama in February 1972. Japanese riot police officers from all over the nation were brought to Asama-sanso and the standoff took 10 days and therefore the officers were eating Cup noodle and it was broadcasted all over Japan on live. To eat hot, warm food outside, Cup noodle was the easiest and fastest way. You just need chopstick and boiling water.

More than 30 years, Chicken ramen had to be put into a bowl, but Nissin created a Chicken ramen in a form food container in 1991. Since its debut in 1958, Chicken ramen is a soul food of Japanese for 60 years.

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