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Kitakata ramen

Kitakata ramen

Ramen noodles are one of the most favorite foods in Japan and therefore eaten everywhere. Then, as like regions is Italy have their own local pastas, there are local ramen noodles in Japan too.

The two well known ramen destinations are Sapporo in Hokkaido and Fukuoka in Kyushu. Sapporo ramen is miso flavor and Fukuoka, Hakata ramen is tonkotsu(pork broth) flavor. These two cities are over 1 million inhabitants and make up metorpolitan areas of more than 2 million population but there are also cities which is less than 50 thousand inhabitants is famous for its ramen.

The one of it is Kitakata city, located in west Fukushima prefecture in Aizu region. It is close to Aizu Wakamatsu which is hot spring town and major tourist area in Aizu region, but Kitakata itself attracts many tourists from all over Japan. Then, almost all of them will try the Kitakata ramen there.

Kitakata ramen uses soy sauce based soup. Hakata ramen's noodle is more straight and narrow but Kitakata's is curly, thicker and chewy. The noodles match with the soup.

If you love shoyu ramen; soy sauce based soup, you should visit Kitakata during your stay in Japan. Of course there is no affect of radioactivity, because Kitakata is 130 km away from the disaster site.

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