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Mentaiko spaghetti

Mentaiko spaghetti

Italian cuisine is also popular in Japan but sometimes the dishes are adapted into Japanese way. For example, there are several spaghetti which you cannot find in Italy.

One of the Japanese adapted spaghetti is Mentaiko spaghetti. Mentaiko is a salted pollock roe with chili powder originally from Korea. Mentaiko is the local speciality of Fukuoka but mentaiko spaghetti is not the speciality of Fukuoka. Actually mentaiko spaghetti appeared in Japan after tarako spaghetti was invented in Japan. Tarako is also fresh and salted pollock roe but not with chili powder.

Mentaiko and tarako spaghetti come with dried seaweed NORI sprinkled on the top. This is also unique and cannot find in Italy either.

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