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Matsumoto castle

Matsumoto castle

Formerly known as Fukashi castle, Matsumoto castle is definitely the most popular tourist attraction in Matsumoto, Nagano. This castle is the one of the five castles which Tenshu is listed as national treasure. Other four national treasures are Himeji castle, Hikone castle, Inuyama castle and Matsue castle.

The castle is located in the center of Matsumoto, not so far from today's business district and also able to walk from the Matsumoto station. The Tenshu is surrounded by the moat.

Entering the castle area is free but admission is needed to enter the Tenshu and there is a long queue if you want to climb up to the top. Also watch out that there is a steep narrow wooden staircases too.

Matsumoto castle can be visited by a day trip from Tokyo and Nagoya by limited expresses (Super) Azusa or Shinano. Or you can stop by when you want to visit Nagano city or Magome/Tsumago. Of course recommend to visit together with Kamikochi district.

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