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Kotokuin temple

Big Buddha at Kotokuin, Kamakura

Kotokuin temple is the one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. Kotokuin is famous for its big Buddha statue. It is also possible to go inside the statue - additional ticket is needed.

Not like the big Buddha statue in Nara(Todaiji temple), the one in Kamakura is located outside, uncovered.

Kamakura was once the de facto capital of Japan, when the feudal lord Yoritomo Minamoto opened his BAKUFU - shogunate, government run by samurai in late 12th century. The head of all samurai in Japan was called Seii Taishogun - SHOGUN.

From Shinjuku/Shibuya/Ikebukuro, take JR Shonan Shinjuku line bound for Zushi or change at Ofuna station and get off at Kamakura station. Then, take private Enoshima electric railway from Kamakura to Hase. SUICA is accepted. From Tokyo station, take JR Yokosuka line bound for Zushi or Kurihama, and then get off at Kamakura station to change to Enoshima electric railway.

If you are coming from western part of Kanagawa, you can take Enoshima electric railway from Fujisawa which JR and Odakyu lines stop.

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