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Motsunabe is a local specialty of Fukuoka. It is a hot pot of offal, organ meats of beef or pork, accompanied with garlic chives and cabbage.

Other Japanese hot pots use a lot of Chinese cabbage and scallions but motsunabe is the one of the few hot pots which use these two vegetables.

Then, there are several flavors; soy sauce based stock, white miso based stock and etc. and not like other other hot pots, the meat and the vegetables are already in the pot before the stock are boiled. Which means all the cooking procedures start in front of your eyes.

Other Japanese hot pots come with the udon noodle or rice at the end but motsunabe is usually accompanied by champon noodle. Champon noodles look similar to ramen noodles but much thicker than ramen noodles. Champon is a local specialty of Nagasaki.

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