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Due to summer of Japan is hot and humid, there are cold noodles too. Although cold udon noodles and cold soba noodle can be eaten throughout the year, cold ramen noodles are not available in winter.

Cold ramen noodle is called hiyashichuka. Hiyashi means cold and chuka means Chinese. Actually it is not as same as ramen noodle, due to hiyashichuka does not have a soup, but topped with various vegetables and meat which are not topped on ramen noodle. Tomato, cucumber and hams are toppings which can not be found on ramen noodles.

Hiyashichuka has two flavors. First is soy sauce base sauce and second one is creamy sesame sauce. If you are traveling Japan in summer, please try the hiyashichuka, Japanese style Chinese noodle!

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