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Shopping arcade

Shin-Kyogoku shopping arcade

Although shopping malls are dominating in Japan, shopping arcades still have important functions in Japan. Shopping malls are mostly located in the suburb, but on the other hand shopping arcades are located closer to stations and wide varieties of stores are located.

It is hard to find a butcher or grocery specialized in vegetables inside the shopping malls but these local stores can be found any shopping arcades throughout Japan. Therefore there are the arcades you can find meat, vegetables, fish, shoes, take away foods and etc. Then, usually it is cheaper than buying at the malls.

Shin-Kyogoku shopping arcade is a famous arcade in Kyoto, which attracts not only local citizens but also many tourists. You can see junior high school and high school students in their school uniforms but it does not mean that these students live in or commute to Kyoto. Kyoto welcomes thousands of school trips per year and students from all of Japan are also enjoying shopping at Shin-Kyogoku.

Shin-Kyogoku is much touristic shopping arcade rather than for local citizens. There are plenty of souvenir shops and less butcher or fish stores. Also, the arcade offers free wifi and it is covered therefore no worries if outside is raining or snowing.

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