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Shabushabu is a type of hot pot which is quite popular for foreigners.

Traditional shabushabu comes with a pot with a kombu seaweed broth but now you can choose several types of broths upon ordering shabushabu.

Not like sukiyaki, the ingredients of shabushabu a limited. Very thin sliced beef or pork and several thin vegetables. You dip the meat into the broth for few seconds and when the color of the meat has changed from red to white, you pull it out. Then, dip into the sauce. Sauces can be ponzu sauce which is soy sauce with citrus flavor or creamy sesame sauce.

Shabushabu was one of the most expensive meals in Japan before, but due to increase of restaurant chains, the price has been drastically fallen and usually these chains offer all-you-can-eat shabushabu within certain time duration(usually 90 minutes or 2 hours).

If you want to try a hot pot in Japan, but do not know which to choose, here is the suggestion.

1) If you want to eat meat, choose shabushabu.

2) If you want to eat meat,vegetables and tofu, choose sukiyaki.

3) If you do not want to try raw egg, choose shabushabu.

4) If you not on diet and like teriyaki flavor, choose sukiyaki.

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