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Shikoku island is not much visited by domestic and foreign tourists comparing with Kyushu or Hokkaido. However, it does not mean that there is nothing in Shikoku. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Shikoku but not well promoted.

Today I would like to introduce a place in Tokushima prefecture. It is Udatsu.


Actually Udatsu is not a name of a town or even the name of the district. It is located in Wakimachi district of Mima city, which is located in west part of Tokushima prefecture along Yoshino river.

Wakimachi was a trading distribution center ofJapanese indigo, thanks to its good location for both road and water transportation. Tokushima is famous for Japanese indigo dye and the merchants of Wakimachi were quite rich at that time. Indigo were carried to Wakimachi by humans and boats until late 19th century but shifted to freight trains later when the railroad was built on the opposite side of Yoshino river. Therefore the old houses are kept remain in this district.


Udatsu is actually a small pillar which was used as the fire protection wall.


You can see the two Udatsu fire protection walls. Each house has one Udatsu and Udatsu is between located between the two roofs.


Wakimachi can be reached by bus or on foot from Anabuki station on JR Tokushima line. All limited express Tsurigisan stop at Anabuki. If you are coming from Honshu(via Okayama), take a limited express Nampu from Okayama to Awa-Ikeda. Then, change to Tokushima line there.

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