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Most of the Japanese celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, 24 December.

Czech people eat fried carp and potato salad on this day but Japanese are different.

Japanese eat chicken but grilled whole chicken is quite expensive in Japan, even whole chicken is not sold at ordinary local supermarket. Also, many houses are not equipped with large ovens.

If you cannot buy or grill the whole chicken, what do they do? Many people go to KFC!

However, buying chicken at KFC is not simple at all! Some of the restaurants need pre-booking in advance and refuse the customers who do not have the reservation!

Eating KFC and then eating Christmas cake is the tradition for Japanese. Confectionery stores are very busy and will have the biggest turnover on Christmas. Many people order whole Christmas cake in advance. Some stores offer delivery too.

Tea Cozy, a confectionery store in Hachioji, Tokyo delivered a very nice whole Christmas cake with chestnut flavor last year! The store is run by my friend's husband and my friend sent me the cake as the Christmas present!

The cake was delivered on 25th as I requested and my mom and I enjoyed it very much.

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