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Byodo-in is a temple built in 11th century in Uji city, Kyoto prefecture. Byodo-in is a unique Buddhist temple which two sects, Jodo-shu and Tendai-shu have joint administration. Uji is the home of Uji-cha, Uji green tea. Luxury matcha tea is made of Uji tea. Uji city is the second most populated city in Kyoto prefecture, more than 180 thousand inhabitants.

The most famous building of the Byodo-in is definitely the Phoenix hall which you can see on the 10 yen coin. Byodo-in was listed on the UNESCO's World heritage in 1994 as Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.

Byodo-in can be reached by Kyoto or Nara by JR Nara line. Rapid train also calls at Uji station. If you are traveling from Osaka, you can either transfer at Kyoto or Kizu stations. You can take Tokaido line(JR West uses the nickname Kyoto line) from Osaka station to Kyoto, or Katamachi line(JR West mostly mentions only the nickname Gakkentoshi line) to Kizu station from Kyobashi station. If you are NON-JR pass holder, you can take private Keihan main line from Yodayabashi to Chushojima and change to the Keihan Uji line and get off at the final stop, Keihan Uji station.

Please be aware that there are not so many restaurants or diners around Uji station. Therefore better to visit Uji in the afternoon or early morning.

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