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Japanese breakfast

Japanese breakfast

If you travel Japan, you will face the difference of the breakfast.

The traditional Japanese breakfast comes with rice, miso soup and grilled fish(salmon). You will eat the rice with Japanese dried seaweed NORI or Natto, fermented soy beans.

However, nearly the half of the population do not eat rice in the morning and prefer bread instead.

Therefore they spread butter, margarine or jam on the bread. Most common bread in the morning is white loaf of sandwich bread and toast it. Eating a roll or rye bread is not common and rye bread is relatively expensive in Japan. There are a lot of bakeries throughout Japan and you can also try Japanese style savory or sweet breads too.

Not like in Europe, many restaurants especially restaurants which called as Family restaurant offer morning menu too. You can choose the menu which includes unlimited consumption of drinks(coffee, tea and juice). Most of the restaurants offer mix of western and Japanese breakfast as shown in the photo. White rice, miso soup, fried eggs, bacon and sausage.

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